2017 Rewind

It’s become a tradition now to summarize the best moments, do we have a lot to sum up this year again. Gábor has already shared his predictions for 2018 but for now let’s see what were we up to in 2017.

Technical development of the year: MCX

In 2017 we introduced our big hit, Madhouse Creative Exchange (MCX). This innovation allows even rich media formats to run on programmatic. Here are two outstanding examples to demonstrate, that programmatic is not just a ‘performance’ channel: Samsung promo for FINA , and also an interactive one for the movie Logan

Desktop time!

It was an honor for us in the summer to announce our partnership with Utazómajom, referring to start selling it’s surfaces not just on mobile, but on desktop too. Also a milestone in this year was refreshing our already strong partnership with WMN. From September, it is official that we sell WMN’s desktop site as well. We are pretty excited about our cooperation in the future.

Be responsive!

One of our latest innovation is the responsive rich media format, which enables the banner to adjust to mobile and desktop at the same time. We made an interactive video ad for Calzedonia, which proved the success of our innovation by bringing pretty nice engagement results.

We made a change!

We are happy that we made our new Czech partner, Mafra ran its first rich media banner on mobile. They tried it, and of course they liked it.

New format of the year: enjoy wipe!

We introduced Hungary to one of our fancier formats, the wipe. This interactive banner is spectacular not just in its look, but also in the numbers it has brought.

Cube became a classic

We can say that cube was our most popular format this year again. Clients ask for it, because they have learned what we had known for a long time: it’s simple, but it’s great.

Still engaging: branded video banner!

The branded video got a slight makeover, we enhanced it by creating a frame around the video instead of using basic headers to show necessary details. Here we used the silhouettes of the characters of the film.

New video format: Vertical video

In 2017 our newest video format, the vertical video was born. The first campaign, Rexona was such great success, that we were excited to see it blossoming in the forthcoming campaigns.

Hit in CZ and SK: Lays expanding banner

We created a special rich media banner for Lays. The expanding banners hid some exciting surprises just like the chips bags: we challenged the users with different puzzles to solve. The campaign ran both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Switch to see colours

One of our favourite rich media banners was this, used for Samsung See Colours campaign. We were happy, that our client made our job easy by sending mobile-friendly key visuals to work with. This is also great, because it shows, that clients realize it’s worth thinking in mobile.


Stay focused while browsing! Hell Focus reactive

We find it important to be able to concentrate during the day. This reactive banner catches your eyes for sure and wakes up your interest in an instant.

Portfolio broadening in SK

Madhouse welcomed its new Slovakian media publisher partner, Startitup Group. It is cool how these young and innovative people are who work there, thinking about new solutions, so we are definitely pleased to have this partnership.

The most frightening cinemagraph: Annabelle2

It is fascinating what an unnerving effect can be created by using some creepy crosses slowly appearing and fading repeatedly.


New formats in Romania

Our Romanian department introduced three new formats this year: pixel swipe, slides and prism. Development never stops!

Sharing the knowledge

Would you like to take a look into the background of online advertising? Here are two examples of our team’s expertise.

Client event of the year: Still Madhouse House Party!

We made some noise in our office again! On 11th May, we had a special retro party with our lovely clients, spiced it up with some pop music (thanks to Mary PopKids), ‘super serious’ presentation (credits to stand-up comedian Péter Janklovics), our traditional schnitzel sandwiches and meatballs made by Gabor’s mum. It is hard to find words to describe this amazing night we had, we just hope you can join us next year!


A little teambuilding never killed nobody

Our second summer teambuilding event took place in Transylvania this year, hosted by the Romanian division. We had a paintball battle, which brought out some hidden talents, and we also discovered the beautiful natural resources of Bihar mountains, including an ancient ice cave!


Lights ON! Madhouse at Internet Hungary again!

Madhouse represented itself at Internet Hungary conference again this year. Our special ’light bar’ was set up, and we made sure nobody remained thirsty (more like sober..). Of course, we enjoyed the professional meet-ups as well.



Xmas Day

Madhouse celebrated Christmas with a special teambuilding day. Our Czech and Slovakian colleagues prepared a great filling traditional breakfast, and then we had a rough go-kart race. After all this excitement, we travelled to Etyek to take part in a cooking workshop better our cooking skills, and take every Mexican restaurant out of business. The food turned out surprisingly delicious. To wrap it all up, we returned to the city the long and slow way, our party bus flew us into the night of Budapest.


Luckily we had a lot of things to be happy about in 2017, let’s hope the journey continues in 2018 with this pace.
January 16, 2018
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