Case study on the born of a mobile ad: Batman v Superman campaign

We are thankful for the exciting projects that constantly knock on our doors, but at the same time we regularly don’t even see out under the pile of creatives and orders, thus so far we haven’t got the time to present some of our works in its details. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice campaign turned out so lit and was such a great pleasure to work on that we wanted to share it with the world.

This work got especially close to our hearts, because its characteristics and the open-minded, flexible attitude of the client allowed us to create a mobile ad without limitations, we got free hands to show what motivates our passion for mobile for 6 years and what possibilities this platform holds. This case study is determined to present the background of it.

To accurately realize this case study on the concept of the Batman v Superman campaign, we created a dedicated site where we showcase the whole realization process of the campaign, the used formats and solutions, and the principle along we selected the places of appearance in order to reflect the core concept of the movie. Like in the case of each of our advertisements, our main goal was avoiding to fatigue viewers with average and boring ads, but to drive attention on it and involve them in it through interactive and imaginative implementation. The specialty of the campaign was our new development, the Gyro banner, debuted here. A touch of movement gives the characteristic of the format, thus it is vivid, conspicuous but still not overwhelming or disturbing. These kind of inventions allows us to say, mobile is not the future, but the present.

You can reach the Batman v Superman site HERE.


August 29, 2016
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