A great mobile ad informs the audience

The XXI. century citizen wakes up and goes to sleep in the company of at least one mobile devices, and carries it everywhere, to bed, to meetings, to lunch, even to the toilet. Mobile is the most personal device to which their owner could even attach on an emotional level. In Hungary 3,7 million people use their mobile for surfing on the internet, and 2,9 million see mobile ads regularly on the devices. Clearly, there is a huge potential in this platform, thus in the eNet-Madhouse joint research we wanted to crawl how users explore ads on their smartphones and what are the characteristics of a great mobile ad.

Back in 2010, when Madhouse started operating, mobile was the Wild Wide West on the advertising market waiting to be conquered. Since then, the ad-free platform was colonized, mobile’s and mobile ad’s raison d’etre is no longer needs explanation, their role is unquestionable in the marketing plan. Despite mobile has outrun the other advertising sectors due to its intense developing pace there are still a lot of misconceptions about it.

The appearance of mobile devices has reshaped the media consumption habits, and the industry could only slowly adapt to the quickly changing circumstances, thus market players react to the newest trends lately. With our six-year expertise in mobile advertising, our goal at Madhouse is to be a step ahead everybody else by constantly creating innovative mobile ad formats to support advertisers to reach the mobile using audience an effective, yet not disturbing way. The Madhouse infographics 2015 has shown how close the owners are attached to their devices and what kind of sacrifices they would be willing to do just to keep their smartphones. In the latest eNET-Madhouse research we focused on the users’ attitude towards mobile ads, and the gathered information helps us to read the users’ minds and get a greater picture about their requirements and what do they consider as a great mobile ad?

The unstoppable mobile

In Hungary 3,7 million people use internet on smartphone, and 2,9 people meet ads during surfing on the internet. Mobile ads are perceived, and most users know what they are for, thus there is clearly a huge potential for advertisers in this platform. Also good news for mobile advertisers that 6 from 10 users know that for content providers these ads are the main source of income, thus accept them for the free usage of the site/application. To 58% of those who watch ads on mobile reported that they started to like a product after they saw its ad. Three weeks prior to the research the most users met the ads of Adidas, Ikea, Renault, Samsung, Telekom, Tesco, and Vodafone.

Mobile is an incredibly prospering sector, thus it is crucial for brands to approach the audience accurately through ads.

What are the characteristics of a great mobile ad?

It could be interesting, but for the responders the most important criteria of a great mobile ad is to channel valuable information for them (62%), the requirement that

an ad should involve the viewer, thus it should be interesting, creative, funny comes second (57%).
The third most important aspect is that the provider asks permission for displaying (56%), furthermore for more than half of the responders it is important that the ad comply to their interests and browsing history (52%). Surprisingly only 39% of the responders thought it is important that the mobile ad fits into the content, structure, design of the website/application.

About the research

The research was conducted in April 2016 by eNet, and involved 941 internet users, older than age 18. The survey was permitted amongst the members of Véleményem Van (Veva.hu) online research community. The data represents the opinion of the adult Hungarian internet users by gender, age and region.

June 27, 2016
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