What should you know about this page?

Welcome on Madhouse demo page, we created this plain website to test and demonstrate our brand new spectacular formats.

But first you might be interested in what Madhouse rellay do. Briefly Madhouse is a leading independent mobile advertising solution provider, an optimizer supporting top brands and mobile content providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are only involved with mobile advertisements, nothing else. We have not only been the first in Hungary, Romania or Czech Republic and Slovakia to do so, but we have grown quite big compared to our competitiors. We are constantly working on addressing the smartphone users the most effective way possible. We like to do everything better, that’s why we are involved in the building of the Hungarian mobile-advertising market, and are always thinking about new solutions.

Let's talk about our solutions

We are not only offering the standard (static pictures) banners but are able to create mobile advertisements in HTML5 format. We also have rich media solutions – for the deeper involvement – available. Please feel free to check out some examples on our showcase page, which perfectly shows what opportunities this format holds.

Display advertisements

Naturally, here are more traditional banners available as well. The international standard sizes suggested by iAB Hungary are the following: 300X250, 320X50 pixels and also the Hungarian formats (480X120, 480X240) are available in our network.

Brackets will open a live connection to your local browser and push HTML and CSS updates as you type! You might already be doing something like this today with browser-based tools, but with Brackets there is no need to copy and paste the final code back into the editor. Your code runs in the browser, but lives in your editor!

HTML5 / Rich media

The banners can be made in HTML5, which means that the banner is “movable” on mobile platforms as well. With an HTML5 ad we are able to ensure the same feeling on mobile, as flash is on web. And with the extrusion of flash, more and more HTML5 will be the default format on mobile, as well as on desktop. Rich media solutions exceed the simple picture and text content, and use such photos, videos and audio files, that give the visitor more of a (brand) experience.

Location based mobile ads

In the adserver used for mobile advertisements, we are able to target specific countries or cities. Next to the specific locations, we are able to customize the ads in the targeted places, which means we can manually change the pictures or tect in the banners

Mobile programmatic

The most recent trend in the digital world. We are familiar with opportunities not only from a supplier’s perspective, but also from the demand side. No one knows for sure, if this is the future, but we suggest that everyone should try it out for themselves, get to know the pros and cons of the programmatic mobile purchases.

Definitely we have a proper website too, please take a look at that too: