Our story started in 2010 and a lot of things has happened since then. We try to summarize the most important milestones and stages of the Madhouse history here, and also introduce the members of the Madhouse team.

Our story


Founding Madhouse

Everything started in 2010 in Hungary with an iPhone 3G. On the websites optimized for mobile (there was only a few of them) were no advertisements. After a couple of months, there were. This is how the story of Madhouse began, and already 3 mobile campaigns were done that year.


"The year of the mobile"

Yes, this is that particular "the year of the mobile" expression, which became some sort of a joke in conferences. This year, we already made over 50 campaigns and our name became a synonym to mobile advertising, since we are the only agency dedicated to it. Furthermore, the Madhouse team had 3 members then, welcome Éva and Szandra.


New investors of Madhouse

Turning-point. After a so called "asset acquisition", Madhouse welcomed new investors. The new equity owner is SmartAdNetwork Kft, which is owned by Adverticum Zrt. and Gran Kozkázati Tőkealap. Thanks to the investment, we could begin an international expansion to the neighboring countries.


International expansion

We have not only secured our position in Hungary, but also established our second office in Romania. After a few months we opened our Czech and then our Slovakian office. The Madhouse team consisted of 13 people, not just 3.


Gábor Brindza
Managing Director
Éva Szántai
Director, Product & Technology
Tamás Lovas
Client Service Director
Henrietta Szelezsán
Finance Manager
Eszter Köhler
Operations Manager
Balázs Gáspár
Senior Account Manager
Linda Szunai
Account Manager
Ildikó Kutasi
Junior Product Manager
Andor Bánsági
Campaign Manager
Cristian Petriceanu
Country Manager, Romania
Simona Otel
Sales Manager, Romania
Zoltán Gaál
Country Manager, Czech Republic and Slovakia
Tomas Vika
Sales Manager, Czech Republic and Slovakia


Our office is located in the heart of the city, and we can make pretty good coffees. And coffee is not the only thing we have.

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