2016 Rewind

We have already listed our wishes for 2017, so now let’s kick off the new year with a compilation of the bests&peaks of 2016. One thing is for sure, Madhouse will save the world from bad mobile ads in 2017 too.

Format of the year: Cube

The rotating banner is our most engaging dynamic format; no surprise it was the most used one as well. It drives exceptional results and has several sides, thus more creative is displayable at the same time. A nice example is this ice-cream ad from Romania.

Video ad of the year: Super sharp Vodafone video

Video is the most emerging format in digital advertising, and on mobile it’s even more crucial to create and serve flawless video ads. It was a huge achievement, preceded by a long time of development to display razor sharp video ad for Vodafone.

Magical cinemagraph: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Cinemagraphs are spectacular solutions, playful and catchy without being intrusive. In case of the Fantastic Beasts banner we added a pulsing illuminated dot, a light touch of animation that was enough to create a magical experience.


Real-time personalisation on mobile: Orange Hot Summer

Oranges’ Hot Summer campaign was a real gem. The discount provided on the banner was the same as the actual temperature in Romania, and altered according to the weather changes.

Gyro banner, the superhero of mobile ads

Our newest product, the gyro banner has debuted with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice campaign. The specialty of the banner is that it’s connected with the gyroscope of the mobiles, so one element of the banner starts to move when the device is rotated. Case study available HERE.

Get lucky: Okoslottó app boost campaign

Szerencsejáték Zrt., the Hungarian national gambling ltd. had a new app to promote. It was a pleasure to work on this campaign as we were fully entitled to plan and run a complex campaign to incite the number of installs.


Swipe to unhide: Telekom Travel&Surf campaign

The swipe format allows the user to control the banner and change the displayed creative with a finger move. Fun way to involve the users in the ad.

The first cinemagraph in the Czech Republic: Suicide Squad

We were proud that on the Czech mobile advertising market we used the cinemagraph solution first. A little movement was enough to create a cheeky banner for the inglorious anti-hero movie.


Most read article of the year: Typical mobile flaws

Mobile is not the smaller version of desktop as many perceive it. Mobile advertising has its own rules and if you don’t play according to them, your campaign simply fails. To run effective mobile campaigns instead of turning users against ads, avoid the typical mobile ad flaws.

Longest article series of the year: Mobile programmatic I., II., III., IV.

Neither mobile nor programmatic is an easy topic, but mobile programmatic is the real tough nut – or trend – to crack. The article about mobile programmatic wasn’t planned to turn into an article-saga, but it’s indicates how complex the subject is. If you only have one resolution for this year, be it that you read all the four pieces of the series.

Best client event of the year: Madhouse House Party

Three years after the first Madhouse House Party it was about time to continue the tradition and celebrate the successful cooperation with our partners. To emphasize the intimate aspect of the highly anticipated event, it took place at our headquarter. The night started with a surprise mini-concert by the Hungarian singer, Odett, and continued with chatting, eating, drinking and dancing to the rhythms of the Music Sommelier. And the rest is history.

2016 – The year of team building

July was the month when Madhouse went on its first full house trip to the countryside. The destination was a village called Szentbékkálla, close to Lake Balaton. In the two day long race the 4 teams had several tasks from sport activities through a quiz until different games, and had to prepare a meal for the whole squad. The team which did the best won the race and the champion title.


Madhouse on the cover of MAM

Zoltan Gaál, country manager of Czech Republic gave a comprehensive insight on mobile advertising for MAM, the most prominent Czech marketing journal.


First Twitter campaign

Exploring new platforms is always a must, and we were happy that in the end of the year we finally had our first Twitter campaign in Slovakia for Telekom SK.


Premium brands on board

Premium brands require their ads to resemble the high quality of the products even on mobile. Quality is our main standard we guarantee for our clients, such as BMW in Romania.

Best conference of the year: IAB Video Conference

Besides holding presentations, we are always happy to regularly attend to conferences as guests as well. We have visited conferences in Bucharest, Prague, Lisbon, London and Budapest. The most exciting and informative one was the Video Conference in London, organized by IAB UK.

We did some research too: A great mobile ad informs the audience

We are passionately seeking the most effective methods and solutions in mobile advertising. Through the way it’s essential to be familiar with the users’ needs and concerns about mobile ads. Here are our findings about what makes a mobile ad great.

Best media party of the year: WMN Christmas

Besides reaching incredible heights in mobile advertising, we had some parties to relax. Among all of them the WMN Christmas party in the end of December was the best, to let go the year. A delightful closing for 2016.


Long summary, but it was a long year with many milestones and events to remember, but we hope 2017 will be even more eventful.
January 4, 2017
Video ads are skyrocketing – on mobile too

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Seeing is believing – the current state of mobile viewability

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