Madhouse Wish List for 2017

2016 has been the year of mobile – sixth in a row, but who’s counting – and was full with milestones for the small screen: mobile beat desktop and became the nr. 1 device for internet traffic, and also have mobile ad revenues overcome the digital counterpart in the UK.

A fresh countdown will begin soon, when many new goals and challenges are ahead of us to accomplish in the next 365 days. We hope a year from now we will be proud to summarize the followings as the achievements of 2017:

  • Mobile to get its flagship place in the media plan
  • Our first 360° video ad
  • Video ads produced directly for mobile
  • Sharp banners (bye-bye blur banners)
  • More animated (rich media, HTML5) banners instead of static ones
  • No more intrusive formats (pop-ups, interstitials)
  • No more overcrowded banners
  • Standardized banner sizes
  • Less Google ads
  • More data for precise targeting
  • All in all: the primacy of ‘quality over quantity’ principle in mobile advertising

We wish you all a happy new year, full with adventures and great mobile ads.

Madhouse, the mobile specialist


December 30, 2016
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